What are the grounds and residency requirements to file for an uncontested or "no-fault" divorce in Alabama?

  1. Both parties are at least nineteen (19) years of age.
  2. One or both parties will have been a resident of Alabama for at least six (6) months at the time of initial filing of the divorce documents.
  3. The parties will prepare and file a Marital Settlement Agreement with their divorce documents, to show the Court their agreements related to alimony, property and debt division, child support and child custody, as applicable.
  4. These divorce documents are for parties filing on the grounds of no-fault. There are three types of no-fault divorce. If you are filing on the no-fault grounds of "voluntary separation for one year", then the parties must have been separated for at least a period of twelve (12) months at the time of initial filing of the divorce documents.
  5. There are no proceedings in Alabama or in any state or territory involving the same claim or subject matter as this divorce action either relating to the parties and/or minor children of the parties (if applicable).

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